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Standing Timber
Our company purchases millions of board feet of standing timber from both private and public landowners throughtout Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and surrounding area.

We practice sustainable forestry principles to protect the environment and ensure the availability of top quality standing timber for the future.

Our outstanding reputation rests with our staff of professional foresters. Our independent logging contractors are fully trained, licensed and insured.

We are an aggressive company that can pay a premium for your timber yet still maintain a quality timber harvesting job.

We offer very competitive prices with 100% up front payment for standing timber before harvesting activities begin or payment plans can be made to meet individual needs.

All skid roads and landings are nicely reclaimed once timber harvesting activities are completed.

If you are interested, please contact us and one of our professional foresters will contact you. We offer a free evaluation of your timber and can provide a timber management plan for you.